YAROK: All Natural Organic Hair Care (It actually works!)

I am so happy that I was able to find organic natural products for my hair. I honestly didn’t think that this would ever happen. I have wavy/curly, thick, long, and frizzy hair. There were only very few chemical products that would actually work in my hair. Luckily I found YAROK.

This is what I use for my curls. When my hair is still wet I put two dime size amount of product in the palm of my hand, run it through hair, and then scrunch my hair. This product defines my curls, doesn’t weigh them down, and best of all gets rid of the frizz. Before using this product I used the Curls Rock Amplifier by Catwalk and I’m happy to say that the FEED YOUR DO gives me the exact same results!
Rating 4/5 (Although this product performs well, I wish it came in a larger size 2 oz just isn’t enough for me and I’ll have to buy a new one every 6 weeks)
This hairspray is a very light hold. It’s not bad for a day to day basis or if you don’t need a strong hold hair spray. If you’re looking for a stronger hold I’d recommend the Intelligent Nutrients Perfect Hold Hair Spray (for now, because those are the only two that I’ve tried!).

Rating 3/5
This leave in conditioner does it exactly what it’s supposed to and it’s easily comparable to any other leave in conditioner. I can’t find anything wrong with this product other than it doesn’t seem to last me to long.
Rating 4/5 

Original review posted here on September 29, 2013 

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  1. I'm a huge fan of the Yarok products I've used. Definitely want to try some more x