Saje Natural Wellness First Impressions

Saje Natural Wellness is a Canadian company that has locations in British Columbia and Alberta. They also have an online store that ships worldwide! Their products are 100% natural and feature plant-derived essential oils. I was lucky enough to have a location open up close to me, so I stopped by this weekend to see what the store had to offer. Usually I like to wait a couple a weeks before writing a review just to make sure that I have a good understanding of the product.  However, I love this company so much that I couldn’t wait to do a review for them!

Exotic Crystal Fresh Deodorant $9.95:  This is the first time that I am using a spray deodorant and so far this is working better than any other natural deodorants that I’ve tried. It takes time to test out a natural deodorant so I will wait a bit before giving it my final verdict but so far it is working for me!

Eczema Ease Healing Treatment Lotion 30ml $6.95: I have suffered from eczema most of my life, it is usually on and off and is pretty manageable. I’ve had eczema on my neck since the summer and I’ve been using cream prescribed by the doctor. Although the cream helped control it, it never fully got rid of it. I decided to try this cream from Saje and within 24 hours my eczema was completely gone and hasn’t come back! I will be purchasing the full size bottle of this stuff as soon as I can!

Konjac Kare Cleansing Sponge enriched with yam extract$9.95: I’ve heard a bit about similar cleansing sponges online but have never used one until now. At first the sponge is as solid as a rock until you let it sit in warm water for a couple of minutes.  After letting the sponge sit in water I use it to remove my facial cleanser. This sponge is so smooth and gentle on the skin. It does a good job at taking off all the product. In only a couple of days I have noticed a decrease in redness and I notice that my overall skin tone is more even. I think this is great and is much more gentle than using a traditional face cloth. I will be getting more of these, I’m thinking about trying the one enriched with bamboo charcoal next!

Overall I think Saje Natural Wellness is a great store that has products that perform very well. I can’t wait until I can visit the store next and purchase other goodies! I am eyeing their nebulizers and yoga diffuser blends. I think these would be so wonderful for when I practice yoga at home!  

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