November Wishlist

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Finding and testing out new products is not only a hobby of mine but it has become my job (how cool is that?!). At Nuciya we're always looking to expand our product line in order to offer new and exciting products to our customers. While I've been lusting over many products these past few months, here are the ones that made the top of the list!

1. Cocoon Apothecary Starter Kit $30: 
I've been following this Canadian based brand for quite some time now. All of their products are biodegradable, cruelty-free, vegan, made in Canada, and are made with certified organic ingredients. Their eye-catching packaging and their fantastic list of ingredients make it hard for me to pick just one item to list here, so I've included their starter kit which includes their Rose Dew Facial Cleanser, Rose Dew Facial Toner and Rosey Cheeks Facial Cream. Their starter kit sounds like the perfect combination for my dry/sensitive skin!

2. Mitchell and Peach Kentish Coconut Scrub $65:
This super luxurious bath and body company crossed my radar a few months ago. I have been lusting over their products ever since. This company grows their own ingredients and hand blend their products. The Mitchell and Peach body scrub contains Coconut, Sweet Almond, Palmarosa, Ylang-Ylang and Lavender oil - what's not to love!?

3. Pure + Simple Hydration Serum $50: 
I'm a sucker for Ayurveda based skin care lines and this is exactly what Pure + Simple embraces. They believe in living a holistic and healthy lifestyle. The Pure + Simple line contains skincare, makeup, body care, and even tea. It's hard to pick just one item that I would like to try but since winter is nearly here my skin is in need of some extra TLC. Their 100% vegan Hydration Serum contains key ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Kelp, Vitamin F, Phragamites Commuis Extract and Pria Cocoa Extra (used to reduce inflammation and skin sensitivity). 

4. Mario Badescu Silver Powder $12:
Mario Badescu was a brand that I quickly wrote off because I assumed that their products didn't have good ingredients. After further investigation I quickly learned that a lot of their products contain non-toxic and natural ingredients. Many of their products sounds so appealing, especially the ones used to help treat acne. My favorite budget friendly product is their Silver Powder. This is an oil absorbent powder that helps to unclog congested pores. It prevents blackheads and promotes a healthier complexion. My dry/combination skin is almost always congestion and thus I get acne. This definitely sounds like a must have for anyone who suffers from acne!
5. Mu London Organic White Chocolate Elbow, Knee & Heel Cream $35: 
This product speaks for itself. The name already makes it sound divine and the ingredients are even better. This award winning product seems to live up to it's name. I've been lusting over this product for the longest time, especially after reading so many rave reviews. These types of creams are a must for me during the winter months so hopefully I'll get my hands on this product soon!
6. Juliets Room Milk & Honey Vanilla Cardamom Hand & Body Lotion $21:
That was a mouth full! But doesn't that sound fantastic? I tend to neglect my skin during the summer months but as soon as fall/winter approaches I can no longer ignore my dry, itchy skin. I simply can't ignore the rave reviews for this lotion or the delicious sounding scent. I think that this will have to be the next body lotion that I purchase! 

7. The Bathory - Invent Your Perfect Bath Soak $30: 
I first saw this product on Savannah Wallace's channel on YouTube. I was immediately impressed with this company and what they offer. For only $30 you can custom blend your own bath soak. They have 3 different kind of blends - Soothe, Bask, and Detox. From there you can pick up to 3 essential oils such as lavender, chamomile and bergamot etc. I of course want to try all 3 blends but I'm mostly interested in the Soothe blend as it contains epsom salts, oatmeal, honey, and buttermilk. I think that this is such a great idea and is perfect for Christmas gifts! Did I mention that shipping  is only $5 worldwide and ships within 48 hours? 

8. Pura Botanicals Cocoa & Rose Luxurious Body Oil $36:
I've been hearing a lot of buzz surrounding Pura Botanicals. Once I found out that this company is based in my hometown I knew that I would eventually have to give their products a try. I find that using body oil just out of the shower help keeps my skin hydrated, especially during the cold winter months. This cocoa and rose blend sounds heavenly!