The All Natural Face Liquid and Cream Foundation Review

It took me a while before I decided to try products from The All Natural Face. The only reason being that their website, branding, etc. is done terribly. It looks like the work of an elementary kid playing around with all the fonts on Microsoft Word. I finally decided to get past that because of all the good reviews of their products on youtube and around the internet. The best thing is that everything on their site is so expensive and you can find samples for almost anything. They have a total of 51 shades of foundation available in liquid, cream, and powder. It is a bit excessive but at least you can find that perfect match.
Liquid Foundation: 

This was the first foundation that I purchased from the TANF and it actually works pretty well for its price range - $13.80 for 1 oz. I usually go through foundation faster than most people and this one has lasted me over two months. This foundation is a light-medium coverage. For best results and better coverage you should apply it with a flat headed kabuki brush (I use the COVER FX Liquid Foundation Brush). It’s best to apply this in circular motions in order for it to blend well and to stay on your skin. For areas that need more coverage just lightly dab on the product with your flat headed foundation brush. I’ve found that other methods leave the foundation feeling “greasy” to the point where you can almost just whip it off. I’ve also tried applying this with a beauty blending sponge and it was terrible. It didn’t blend properly and it didn’t build properly. So if you’re going to be purchasing this foundation make sure you have a flat head brush and apply in circular motions. Also I don’t think this foundation will be suitable for those with oily skin. I have dry/combination skin and it works well except for on the creases on my nose (it gets really greasy/shiny when using this foundation but I combat it with powder).

Rating: 3.5/5
Cream Foundation Pot:

I just purchased this only a few weeks ago after reading better reviews on this foundation. I purchased the 10 gram jar for $6.50 and I used it for 2 weeks straight (not even ¼ of the product was used). This works a lot better than the liquid foundation. It’s more of a medium-full coverage and I think will work well with almost all skin types. It’s not oily or greasy. This product is best applied with a beauty blending sponge. I find that the product spreads easier when I wet the sponge before applying the product. It’s very easy to build up the product for areas that need more coverage. It’s a very good affordable price for foundation. I love it because I hate spending 30, 40 dollars on products that I need to purchase often.
Rating: 5/5 (I don’t really have anything negative to say about this product!)

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