Why I Switched to Safe Products.

The answer seems obvious as soon as I say the word “safe”, why wouldn’t anyone want to use safe products on their skin? The answer is that most people are not aware of the harsh chemicals that are put into our skincare, makeup, soap, hair products, etc.  I had terrible acne starting from the age of 11/12, by the time I was 13 I went on Accutane. For those of you who don’t know what Accutane is; it’s a very harsh drug used to treat acne. It is often used as the last option for treating acne. The drug is so harmful that they make every women (even pre-teen) on it take a pregnancy test and use birth control. My skin changed dramatically after using this product. It did clear my skin (I still had the occasional pimple, but it healed much faster). My skin changed permanently, it went from being oily to dry on the surface and oily underneath. Now, 9 years later I do not go a day without having a pimple on my face. I decided something needed to change. I took a good look at all the products that I was using on my face every single day. This is when I learned about parabens and other dangerous chemicals that are directly linked to cancer, organ system toxicity, and many other dangerous side effects. I also learned that 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our blood stream in only 23 seconds. After learning about all this scary information I made the decision to find safe products. I preferably like all natural products but I am not 100% there thus far. Within a few weeks of switching my products my skin improved dramatically. I noticed less acne and more even skin tone. Although my skin is not 100% clear, switching to safe products has made a dramatic difference.  Now I am determined to find safe products that perform just as good as or even better than the products loaded with chemicals. 

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