What I Did When I Made the Switch.

The first thing that I did when I made the decision to change all of my beauty products was look online. There are many youtuber’s out there who are also dedicated to using safe natural products. A good site to use is:
Here you can put in any ingredient into the search engine and it will tell you just how toxic it is.
The best thing you can do is to shop online. This way you can always look up the ingredient. Some of the ingredients can look like chemicals at first but in some cases they aren’t and actually very safe.
Once I was familiar with most ingredients I stopped by Winners (similar to Marshalls). There I actually found a good handful of natural products. It was a good way to get introduced to new brands without spending a lot of money, it was also beneficial because I did not know what to expect using these products. This was before I was aware of the stores in my area that sold popular natural cosmetic brands. 

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