Gemstone Organic Skincare Review

Gemstone Organic is a completely unique skincare line as their products are not only USDA certified organic but gemstone essence is used in all of their products. These unique essences are created from gemstones and crystals as they are infused into purified and ionized water. These essences offer revitalizing energy to your body, similar to mineral springs. When Gemstone Organic contacted me for a review I was more than thrilled to test out a few of their products as they extremely unique and filled with great ingredients! 

Moonstone Cream: 
For my dry, sensitive, and acne prone skin I was advised to use the Moonstone Cream in the morning as it is hydrating without being too heavy. The Moonstone Cream is made from essences of Moonstone and other select Crystals. On their website it says that the Moonstone Cream "helps to balance internal hormone cycles and maintain yin and yang, which play an important role in skincare". They couldn't have picked a better cream for my skin, as hormonal is exactly what it is. What I love about this cream is that a little goes a very long way and helps to restore the "glow" that my skin has been missing for these winter months. 

Ruby Cream: 
This might just be my favorite product from Gemstone Organic. I don't know what it is. It could be the essential oils of lemongrass, neroli, and sandalwood or it could even be the Ruby stone that helps to clear toxins from the blood. Either way, I'm hooked. The aromatherapy combined with the gemstone essence creates and uplifting and energetic cream. I really do look forward to using this everyday. The ruby cream is uniquely made with shea butter, hemp oil, and blended with rose water - making it the perfect moisturizer to use during the winter months. I'll be getting a lot of use out of this as winter is pretty much 6 months long here (ugh!). 

Organic Calendula Gem Hydrosol: 
We all know that I love a good toner and this one makes the cut. While I do find the scent to be a little strong there is no doubt that the ingredients are soothing and calming - both to the skin and mind. This hydrosol is healing to all skin imperfections and is naturally anti-inflammatory. To make this hydrosol they infuse the plant water with gemstone essence from crystals and gem that are yellow and organic. The essence helps to boost the plants healing properties. 

Overall I am extremely happy with the Gemstone Organic skincare line. Their principles got me interested and their amazing products kept me hooked. More importantly I am extremely impressed with how helpful Debra and Sara are (creators of Gemstone Organic). They picked the perfect products for my skin (I couldn't have done it better myself) and all from me just telling them that I have dry and acne prone skin. I highly recommend that you give this brand a try!

Have you tried Gemstone Organic? What are your thoughts?