What Am I Wearing Today? - Makeup Edition #2

I'm testing out some new products, so before I write reviews for them individually I thought I'd share a new makeup look that I am trying out. Unfortunately, I kind of took this picture randomly in order to take advantage of the sun! Thus, my eye makeup wasn't really "camera ready" and doesn't show much here in this photo. 

Highlight & Shadow: Lorac Mint Edition Palette
Mascara: Perfekt Lash Prefection Gel
Lips: BITE BEAUTY lipstick in Palmino

So far I am LOVING the Sappho Organic Liquid Foundation, it gives a good amount of coverage while making your skin look dwey and fresh. I can see this becoming a staple in my everyday routine. I will have a review up for this in the next little bit. 

I also included the Lorac Mint Edition Palette here (even though you can't see the colors on camera all that well) because I am hoping that I will soon be able to find a natural dupe for you guys. 

The BITE BEAUTY lipstick is Canadian made and is sold exclusively at Sephora and features organic & natural ingredients. Although their products do contain dyes, but I am okay with that! I am so far loving the color and the creaminess of this lipstick!

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