Favorite Natural Makeup Tag!

I love tags! I think that they are a great way to bring together a certain community and allow viewers to know more about their favorite blogger/vlogger. I was inspired to make this tag by a recent post from Sarah at Sugarpuffish. Sarah interviewed a few different bloggers in order to find out what their holy grail products are. I thought it would be a great idea for us in the green beauty community to learn about what all of our favorite makeup products are!

What is your favorite foundation?
My favorite foundation is the mineral foundation by Geisha Ink.

What type of foundation to you prefer - mineral, liquid, or cream?
I used to be a liquid foundation only kind of girl, which was only until I tried the Geisha Ink mineral foundation. Now I am converted and mineral is my favorite type of foundation!

Have you found a favorite natural mascara?
Unfortunately I haven’t had any luck finding a natural or non-toxic mascara that I like. I find that they dry out way to quickly and become very flaky. I do have high hopes for the RMS Beauty mascara though!

In your opinion, what company makes the best pigments for eye shadow?
By far Alima Pure, every time I venture onto their website I want to buy every single eye shadow that I see! Plus Alima Pure is sold at Anthropologie, you know that it must be good if Anthro sells some of their products!

Have you tried to make any of your own natural makeup? If so, how did it turn out?
I haven’t yet. Although there are a few classes in my city that teach how to make mineral makeup. I plan on taking those classes in the near future.

What makeup item was the hardest to switch over to a natural alternative?
By far mascara! As from my previous answers, I am still having a difficult time with it.

Do you have any holy grail natural or non-toxic makeup products?
I just started using the Pur Mineral Color Correcting Primer in green and I love it! It makes such a difference of the overall appearance of my skin.

What is your go to non-toxic lip product?
ILIA for sure! Not only are their colors gorgeous but I find that the performance of ILIA lipsticks surpass well-known brands such as Mac. I remember one day when I was wearing a bright colored ILIA lipstick, I drank a whole cup of coffee and there was no lipstick mark left on the glass!

What is your favorite natural cosmetics brand?

Surprisingly I actually don’t have an answer for this. I don’t think that I’ve tried enough from each brand to pick my favorite. A favorite to me would be a company that I like mostly everything from them. I’ll have to answer this question in the future… maybe I’ll need to go try some more RMS Beauty products!

Have fun!

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