March Wishlist

There really isn`t enough money in the world to buy me all the things that I wish for!

RMS Beauty Mascara $28: When RMS Beauty announced that they would be launching a mascara, the green beauty community went crazy! I heard of girls buying this as soon as it went up on their online store. Most of you know that RMS Beauty products are among the best, so I do have high hopes for this mascara!

ILIA Beauty Fade Into You Finishing Powder $34: How exciting is it that ILIA Beauty (another popular luxury makeup brand) has come out with a finishing powder? I cant wait to see what they're going to come up with next! I've been living without a finishing powder for a while so I may have to get this sooner than later! 

Estelle & Thild Rose Otto Facial Cleansing Milk $34: I've heard great things about this brand from Carrie at What I Love Today. Her most recent post reminded me of this brand. This cleanser looks fabulous as it combines two of my favorite things in a cleanser - cleansing milk & rose. 

Alima Pure Gaia Collection $36: Alima products always have such wonderful pigments. I'm already eyeing the In Bloom collection. What more can I say, just look at those colors! Hopefully I can get my hands on some of these soon! I`m really wanting to do a makeup look for you guys featuring these shadows.

ILIA Beauty Lipstick Crayon in Come Undone $24: I love ILIA lipsticks and haven't yet tried their lipstick crayons. I will soon be saying goodbye to my MAC Honeylove Lipstick and am in need of a good nude color. I think this may be the one!

Kure Bazaar Nail Lacquer Corso 22 $16: haven't had the chance to try Kure nail lacquers and am in need of a good neutral color. I've heard overall good reviews from this brand.

ilike apple & Lemon gel mask $52: I've featured this brand on one of my previous wishlists and haven't got around to trying any of their products. It`s hard to choose just one product by them because they all sound delicious! I chose this mask to feature because of a recent conversation that I had with Sabrina at Chickweed and Blush about acne scarring and hyper pigmentation!

Red Flower Plum Blossom Silk Cream $53.95: don't really know too much about this brand so I am curious about their products! I am also in need of a new body moisturizer. This one sounds extremely luxurious because it contains plum, apricot, jasmine, rose blossoms, sea algae, concentrated silk extracts and plum wine serum. Doesn't that sound heavenly!?

ilike Paprika Spot Treatment $53: Since I am so intrigued by ilike products I couldn't help but add one more thing by them on my wishlist. I am currently looking for a good spot treatment and I like how paprika treated my skin in some eminence products. 

What are some things that youre wishing for this month? Does it ever feel like the wishlist never ends!?

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