The Body Deli Skincare – Fresh, Raw, & Organic Skincare

Finally! I have found the most perfect skincare items (for me)! After months of searching for the right product…I have finally found it. Something that performs well, has great ingredients and is worth my money.
The reason why I am so happy with the Body Deli is because I can actually smell and see the natural ingredients that they are using in the products.  For example, the Cucumber Juice Elixir actually smells like cucumbers, and is the actual color of a cucumber. I have come across a wide variety of natural products that claim to use all these great ingredients but I can’t actually tell that those ingredients are in it. This leads me to believe that they are only using very small amounts of the ingredient that they are marketing.  To me that isn’t worth my money. The Body Deli’s products are so fresh that some of their items need to be refrigerated, but can still last up to a year once opened.  I love knowing that I am putting superfoods right on my skin and getting all the benefits from them!
Almond Milk Cleanser:
This cleanser is creamy and has just the right amount of consistency for my dry/combination skin. It isn’t heavy but it isn’t too light either. I like that this cleanser is very soothing and non-irritating to my skin. It also balances out my skin as I tend to get oily in the t-zone area (only during the summer months). For days that I want to give my skin something extra I mix the Face Food from The All Natural Face (I will do a separate review for the face food). Those two products go perfectly together. This item does not need to be refrigerated but I keep it in there anyways along with my other products from The Body Deli. It lasts 1 year once opened.
Cost: $28.00 USD for 4 oz.
Rating: 5/5 (To me there are no negatives for this product. It performs well, smells great, feels great, and is about an average price for a good cleanser.)
Cucumber Juice Elixir:
I love this toner. This is one of the items that needs to be refrigerated, and lasts 6 months from when it is opened. This product really feels like a treat for the skin. It refreshes the skin and leaves you feeling rejuvenated. This is probably one of the best toners that I have ever used.
Cost: $26.00 USD for 4 oz.
Rating: 4.5/5 (Even though I love this toner, I can’t’ give it 5/5 because I seem to use it up very quickly!)

Sea Cucumber Gelee: 
Even though I have dry/combination skin, a lot of face creams are way too heavy and leave my skin feeling greasy, they don’t balance my skin out at all. This however, does. My skin literally drinks this up as soon as I put it on. The best is that a little bit of this goes a long way. I can easily see this lasting me 4-5 months. I haven’t used anything like this before and I think this is the best face moisturizer that I have ever owned. This is the best facial moisturizer for my skin during the summer months!
Cost: $45.00 USD for 2 oz.
Rating: 5/5 (even though this may seem like a high price tag for only 2 oz. worth of product, it goes a very long way so the price is worth it in my opinion.) 
Original review posted here on October 12, 2013

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