Amala Rejuvenate Treatment Oil Review

This is one of my favorite oils that just so happens to cost $186.00 for 1oz (//facepalm). I decided to purchase a sample of this from Spirit Beauty Lounge  and I’m so happy that I did. I have a hard time with oils since my face is prone to breakouts and I’m always trying to find an oil that has anti-aging benefits but won’t break me out.

The key ingredients in this oil are:
Cocoa Bean helps restore elasticity, reduce inflammation and stimulate microcirculation
Andiroba Seed helps rebuild skin’s natural moisture barrier with essential fatty acids.
Amarant Seed helps stimulate cell renewal for fresh, radiant skin.
Seeds are the source of new plant life. Amala seed oils capture this living energy and deliver it to skin.”
Together this works as a luxurious oil that absorbs fast and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy (I tried this oil in the middle of the summer). The best part is that you only need a very small amount of product, so even 1 oz will last a long time. This oil left my skin glowing, it honestly never looked better. If I had the money to spend $186.00 on a bottle of oil I would. Seriously, I better save up for it. It is THAT good.  

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