Pukka Organic Skincare Review

This skincare line is based on Ayurveda principals. For those of you who aren't familiar with this, Ayurveda has been practiced in India as an natural healing system for over thousands of years. The principals of Ayurveda has intrigued me for a while which I why I felt the need to try this skincare line along with some of their teas. 

I purchased these items at Marshals and was lucky enough to get this sample pack for only $15. Unfortunately as I later found out, the skincare line is being discontinued (you can still purchase what is available at their online store). However, they still sell their herbal teas as well as other health food items.

The kit included:

Gentle Cleanser: Organic Rosewater & Green Tea Skin Purifying Formula
When I first used this cleanser I didn't think much of it until a week after using it. My skin appeared to be more radient and I had less clogged pores. Although it didn't smell or feel like anything special it sure did a good job for a cleanser.

 Toner: Organic Rose & Orange Flower Skin Firming Formula 
This was my favorite item out of the skincare kit. This toner was refreshing and hydrating. It left my skin feeling fantastic. The only thing is that I used it up way to fast, as I usually do with most toners.

Radiance Serum: Organic Aloe Vera & Manuka Honey Revitalizing Formula 
The ingredients in this serum are great. However, it just didn't work for me at all. The serum never completly absorbed into my skin. I had to stop using it.

Deep Moisture Day Cream: Organic Neroli & Shea Butter Deep Nuture Complex 

This day cream worked and completed its job. However, nothing about it stood out to me.

Nourishing Night Cream: Organic Frankincense & Avocado Total Repair Complex 

I have dry skin, and there was something about this night cream that just didn't work. If I ended up being to heavy handed with the cream it would not absorb into my skin, even after a couple hours. 

Pukka Lemon Green Tea (purchased separatly, not part of the kit)
There was nothing special about this particular tea. However, I have tried others from Pukka and they are great along with having some unique blends. I will be doing a review for the other teas that I have tried at a later date. 

I had higher hopes for this skincare line since it is based on Ayurveda principals. I do think that the cleanser and especially the toner are good products and it is a shame that they won't be making these anymore. All the other items in this kit I would not repurchase even if I had the chance.

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