Dr. Hauschka Skincare


I finally got around to trying Dr.Hauschka skincare and overall I do like the products despite the high price tag. With this brand you really do get what you pay for, these products work wonderfully. My favorite item in this kit is the cleansing cream.  It is made with sweet almond meal so it looks like an exfoliator at first but the grain is so fine and gentle that it can be used twice a day. I’ve actually never used a cleanser quite like it before.  This cleanser is great for all skin types as it is not drying or too harsh of a cleanser. My second favorite product from this kit was the quince day cream. It seemed to be a perfect moisturizer for my skin, not too oily but easily absorbed.  If I ever really wanted to splurge on skincare I would repurchase the Cleansing Cream, Quince Day Cream, and the Yonka Lotion for normal to oily skin. 

Original review posted here on November 26,2013

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