Jeffrey James Organics - The Cake whipped raspberry mud mask review.

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This mask smells just as good as it sounds. It smells exactly like cake, and it is heavenly. The smell helps this product feel more luxurious. This is a fairly good product as it is made with bentonite clay and natural bamboo and raspberry fibers. It also has tiny beads so to me it felt more like an exfoliator than a mask. In fact this really didn't feel like a mask at all to me. It didn't harden on my skin, and it didn't tingle either (which the website says may happen). I thought that it was strange that this didn't tingle since I have sensitive skin. I think for $42 USD and for only 2 oz it is to much. I know there are better masks that you can get for around the same price or even cheaper. If this product was less expensive and was marketed as an exfoliator I would be happy to buy it again. However, the price and its performance as a mask just didn't work for me. I don't think that this will stop me from trying other Jeffrey James products as there were some positives about this item. There's that, and I am always seeing this brand at Winners!

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