May Favorites

May has been an excellent for month for me for discovering and trying out new products. I've never done a favorites post before, but these are so good they are worth the mention!

Pangea Shower Gel - Canadian Pine with White Sage:
I received this as a PR sample and before smelling this, I wasn't too interested in this particular scent. However, I was so surprised when I lathered this up in the shower. The essential oils in this wash smell so therapeutic and calming. I look forward to using this each time I go in the shower because it feels like I am at at a spa. I'll be doing a full review on Pangea products within a few weeks!

Dr. Hauschka Normalizing Day Oil:
Ages ago I watched a video on youtube as to how Dr. Hauschka cured this woman's cystic acne. The normalizing day oil was her 'miracle product'. Ever since then, I've been wanting to try this product. I was very lucky and ended up finding a whole bunch of Dr. Hauschka products at Winners (aka Marshalls), this being one of them. This product is a must have for summer as it helps regulate oiliness. I'll soon be doing a full review on all of the Dr. Hauschka products that I bought!

INIKA Creme Eyeshadow Champagne:
I received this in the Saffron Rouge Inner Circle box for April. I've been using this every day since! It has become a staple in my everyday makeup routine as it is the perfect base for eyeshadow and is the perfect highlighter for under the brows.

Kris D'Amour Soothing Body Treatment Butter: 
I had heard so many good things about Kris D'Amour products that when they were having a sale, I couldn't help but purchase something! This body butter is so thick and luxurious, I'm using it everyday. The best part is that it smells like panettone! Stay tuned for a full review on Kris D'Amour products as I received some good sized samples with my order.

Routine Cream Blackberry Betty: 
This is a local product (made in the city closest to me!). I was immediately drawn to this deodorant because it smells like berry cake! It's made with fantastic ingredients and actually works! For me, it works as well as Schmidt's deodorant!

What are your favorites this month? 

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