Lavina Skincare: Barbary Fig Seed Oil & Organic Argan Hair Oil Review


Lavina Skincare is a Toronto based company whose firm believe is that “Health is Beauty”. They offer customer’s non-toxic, natural, & organic products.  They kindly contacted me and sent me two products for review, their Barbary Fig Seed Oil and 100% Pure & Organic Argan Hair Oil.

This is the first that I had ever heard about Barbary fig seed oil. It contains more Vitamin E than any other oil in the market and actually contains 150% more vitamin E than Argan oil! This oil is best suited for hormonal skin types and is able to fights wrinkles, diminish under the eye dark circles, reduces rosacea, soothes sunburns, and calms inflammation. I've been typically using this product for my under-eye circles and it’s been so hydrating and it really does reduce the appearance of dark circles. I’ll admit, since I started using this oil I've forgotten to put on under-eye concealer numerous times because I simply just didn't need it! I love that this oil comes on a roller as I find that it doesn't waste as much product and is easy for application, especially for under the eyes.
Ingredients: 100% Pure, Cold Pressed and Organic Barbary Fig Seed Oil. Contains no parabens, no preservatives, no fragrances, and is not tested on animals.

100% Pure and Organic Argan Hair Oil: Ah Argan Oil, the miracle oil that we've all come to love due to its benefits on our skin and hair. I’ll admit, I've tried Argan oils in the past for my hair and always felt that the consistency wasn't right. It was usually much too heavy. However, Lavina’s Argan Oil reminds of the Josie Maran Argan Oil that I love. It has a beautiful consistency that is hydrating and nourishing on my hair without being too heavy.

Have you tried Barbary Fig Seed Oil Before? 

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