Saffron Rouge Inner Circle Subscription Box - May 2014

After receiving a fabulous box for the month of April I was literally counting down the days until I would receive my next Saffron Rouge Inner Circle box. Saffron Rouge is a Canadian online retailer for natural & organic beauty products. Their subscription box is available within Canada and to the U.S. for only $24.99 including shipping! Last month I had received over $80 worth of product so I was very impressed with the value of the box.

Here is what I received for the month of May:

Alima Pure makes such beautiful pigments, their colors always catch my eye. I haven't been able to try their products yet so I'm happy that I received this product. It is in a beautiful, wearable color that I can see myself using up very quickly!

This is a great example of the benefit of subscription boxes! I would have never thought of trying something like this originally, but I am so happy that I've been introduced to this product and will probably end up buying the full size. Made with a blend of orange rind, orange blossom, iris, quince, cedar atlas wood, rose and lemon - this mist is supposed to give the same effect as sitting in a steam room!

I received a sample of this product before. It helps to minimize breakouts without drying the skin. I'm happy that this is more of a deluxe size sample because a little goes a long way. It is made with aloe and witch hazel so it's not only perfect for acne but for after shaving, waxing, facial peels, insect bites and sunburns!

I'm generally not a lip gloss person but I am so happy that they included this product in this months box! This lip gloss smells exactly like chocolate pudding. It also feels and performs exactly like any other mainstream lip gloss. If I didn't know, I would have never guessed that this is a natural product. I love it!

I have never heard of this brand so I'm thankful that Saffron Rouge introduced me to another fabulous natural brand.  This particular facial cream is packed with plant ingredients that work specifically to calm redness and irritation while protecting the skin's natural moisture barrier. 

I'll be honest, I really wish that this would have been a full size. Bronzer is useful for almost everyone so I feel like this would have been a great item to give as a full size. Especially since the cost of a full size jar is $25.25. Nonetheless, I'm still happy that I received this sample because this will be the first W3LL People product that I am trying. I always hear such good things about this brand!

Total Value = $54.73

I'll be honest, I'm very surprised at the total value of this months box. At first glance I was disappointed because all of the products are very small. Despite that, they included some great products in this months box. One which I may be purchasing the full size, especially because I received a 20% off coupon with my box!

What are your thoughts on this subscription box? What is your favorite subscription box for natural products? 

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