How I Take Care of My Teeth Naturally

When I decided to switch over my products to natural alternatives, oral care seemed to be one of the last categories on my mind. For some reason I thought that it wasn't going to be an easy switch. I also thought that I would probably be left with grossly yellow teeth. This however, couldn't be further from the truth. It's been almost a year since I made the switch to natural products, here's what I do to keep my teeth healthy:

Himalaya Herbal Toothpaste in Neem & Pomegranate: I am constantly trying new toothpastes to find one that's suitable for me. I've come to discover that I like anything with neem in it. I like this toothpaste because it is gluten and SLS free. I find that it effectively cleans my teeth and doesn't feel like I am using a 'green' alternative.

Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Mouthwash: This is probably my favorite mouthwash as a little bit goes a long way. It has no alcohol, no sugar, and no artificial fragrances or dyes. It effectively helps to freshen breath and help fight plaque build up. 

The All Natural Face Gum Therapy Oil: This is my favorite item for oral care. I don't even know how I discovered it, but I'm so happy that I did! It costs only $4.60 and this little bottle will last you forever. I sometimes have problems with bleeding gums and when I do I rub this oil on my gums with a q-tip. Within a few nights my gums no longer bleed and are stronger. Made with only organic jojoba oil, essential oils of tea tree, myrrh, lemon and peppermint - this item is an absolute staple as it contributes to healthy gums. 

Activated Charcoal:  Some of you may be wondering what in the world could I be using this for? Activated charcoal is not only good for food poisoning, but it is also good for whitening teeth and killing bad bacteria that causes gingivitis and tooth decay. I have used this as a teeth whiter and it does work. With continued, regular use you will notice a difference in your teeth. 

How to use: Get a toothbrush specifically for whitening teeth with charcoal, as your toothbrush will be stained black. Wet your toothbrush and brush your teeth with the activated charcoal. I like to let it sit for a couple of minutes before I rinse my mouth out. Your teeth will look very scary because they'll be covered with black powder, don't worry it will all come off when you rinse your mouth! When doing this make sure you are extremely careful and wear cloths that you don't mind getting dirty. It will stain your cloths or tile grout. Just be careful and always lean over the sink!

How do you take care of your teeth naturally? Have you tried TANF Gum Therapy oil or activated charcoal as a teeth whitener? 

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