My Current Hair Care Routine: Featuring Rahua, Acure, Yarok & More

It's been almost a year since I've made the switch to natural products. While switching body care and makeup may be easy, switching to natural hair care is a little tricky and requires a lot of patience. Read this post to find out more on why I switched to natural hair care (even though I didn't want to at first) and what effect mainstream hair care products have on our hair. With a lot of trail and error I finally have a hair care routine that works for me.

Alaffia Daily Hydrating Shampoo Coconut & Shea $8.06: Alaffia is a great company with fantastic morals. Their products help support women in developing countries and are fair trade. This specific shampoo smells wonderful and is not too overpowering. What I love about this shampoo is that it keeps my hair hydrated and healthy - perfect for those with curly hair! The only thing about this shampoo that I dislike is that I feel like I need to use a lot of product in order to effectively cleanse my hair & scalp.

Alaffia Scalp Recovery Conditioner Neem & Shea Butter Rosemary Tea Tree $8.06: This is the first Alaffia product that I purchased. This winter I was suffering from dandruff! Fortunately, this conditioner saved my scalp and helped keep the dandruff away. This is now a staple in my winter hair care routine.

Rahua Voluminous Hairspray $28.00: This certified organic and alcohol-free hairspray is lightweight, non-sticky, and doesn't leave your hair crunchy. I like this hairspray for everyday use, although I do think that the "voluminous" label is a little misleading. Don't expect the same type of holding power as you would from a mainstream hairspray. I do like this hairspray and think that it is on par with the Yarok hairspray. I still have a few more brands to try before I pick the perfect hairspray for me.

Lulu Organics Lavender Sage Hair Powder $30.00: Ouch! At first glance $30 does seem like an awful lot to spend on a hair powder. But I am telling you, this 4 oz product will last you forever. The 1 oz tester lasted me about 3 months. This is a staple for me as I only wash my hair twice a week. I use this on non-wash days or on days when I am looking for a little extra volume. I may try to make my own hair powder as many others do, but I don't think that anything will compare to this!

Acure Leave-In Conditioner $7.79: A leave-in conditioner is a must for me. Long, thick, curly hair usually ends up in knots. This is a really effective leave-in conditioner at a great price. Many green beauty bloggers have been raving about this band and I see why, this leave-in conditioner is just as effective as mainstream products, it just as better ingredients! I will soon be trying Acure's shampoo & conditioner, I may end up having a new favorite!

Yarok Feed Your Shine $26.40:  A hair serum is a must for me, and why not use one that will not only add shine to your hair, but feed your hair with great ingredients. Although this serum doesn't particularly smell pleasant (it just smells like a bunch of herbs) it is extremely effective. Using only a tiny amount of product, I am able to de-frizz, add shine, and make my hair look silky smooth. I am in love with this product, besides, after applying the product I don't really smell it on my hair.

Do you use natural hair care products? What are your favorites? 

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