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Luminance Skincare is a small, three person company that makes hand-made all natural skincare products. Their products contain no synthetic chemicals, no alcohols and no waxes. Kim Emanuel developed Luminance Skincare with his wife Priscilla when she started to develop severe reactions to toxins. It got to the point when Priscilla couldn't use soap, hair spray, perfume or even laundry detergent. The pair soon realized that finding products without these toxins was difficult. Frustrated with the lack of chemical-free products on the market Kim and Priscilla developed Luminance Skincare - a clean skincare line that is free from synthetic chemicals and toxins. Every product is formulated and handmade by Kim, assuring a high quality product.

Delicate Cleanser*: 
This unique cleanser is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skins. It is vegan, raw, and produced without any synthetic ingredients. This is probably the most unique cleanser that I've tried as this is a soap and comes in a spray bottle. My whole life I've been told to never use soap on my face so this is still a new concept to me! I guess the only reason why people say that is because mainstream soaps contain alcohol, metals, solvents, and petrochemicals - all which are extremely drying to the skin and strip the skin of its natural oils. However this soap is pH balanced so it is extremely good and nourishing to use on your skin.

I've been using this cleanser for a few weeks and am so far very impressed. I like its unique application method (spray bottle) and that the soap has a little bit of natural foam. I am finding that this soap gently cleanses my skin without being too harsh or drying. It also hasn't caused an acne break out, which is a really good sign! I'm finding that I'm looking forward to using this product every morning and night. Luminance has a really wonderful guide of how to use their products for acne prone skins here. 

Organic Rosewater Toner*:
You guys know that I am a huge rosewater lover. I love its simple ingredients and its ability to treat and heal all skin types. Rosewater acts as a pH adjustment to correct dry, oily and combination skins. Luminance says that tap water is too alkaline for your face, so you should spray a bit of rosewater on your skin after it is exposed to tap water. I really love rosewater so I'm happy that it's part of the Luminance Skincare line. I feel like this should be in everyone's medicine cabinets!

Hydration Face Moisturizer*: 
Made with organic rosewater, this moisturizer was designed for youthful skin. It is a light moisturizer and can be used day and night (depending on what your skin needs!). It is made with rich anti-inflammatory ingredients like Evening Primrose and Meadow foam oils. It also contains Argan Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Jojoba Oil for skin hydration. With a list of ingredients like that, who wouldn't love this face moisturizer!? When using this moisturizer, I find this to feel like a simple yet effective cream. It is fast absorbing and non-greasy, making it the perfect moisturizer for summer. I feel like this is a really good day moisturizer for most skin types. However, once fall/winters comes around again I'll need to try their Deep Hydration Moisturizer!

Acne Serum*: 
I was so happy when Luminance Skincare contacted me because I spotted this acne serum on instagram last year but didn't know where I could get it! Made with tea tree oil and matcha tea this sounds like the perfect acne treatment. Both ingredients are pretty much made for acne as they are anti-inflammatory and full of antioxidants! This serum is not meant to treat existing blemishes but instead to help prevent new blemishes from occurring. So far I've been so happy with this acne serum as it is non-drying and fast absorbing. My skin is starting to look clearer as well!

Maitake Mushroom Face Mask*(not pictured): 
When I saw this product on the Luminance Skincare website I knew that I had to try it. I mean I have never tried any skincare product with mushrooms! This very interesting face mask is made with organic Mataki Mushroom, Kelp, Matcha Tea, and food grade clay. Together these ingredients work as a detoxifying mask to pull out impurities from your pores. The first time I tried this mask my skin was looking dull, lifeless, and had a ton of blemishes... all due to not eating well. Immediately after using this mask (and of course, the rest of the Luminance Skincare line) my skin looked better. Since then I've been eating healthier and my skin keeps looking better and better. I really applaud this mask for kick starting my skin detoxification!

(the mask is not pictured because I unfortunately dropped the container and broke it! Thankfully, I managed to salvage the product!)

Sweet Marzipan Soap: 
This delicious bar of soap smells so sweet and so much like Marzipan. You can also smell the pure almond essential oil with a very slight touch of cherry. So far I am loving this soap as it is creamy and gentle. I think that this product speaks for itself!

Well, that was a long review but completely worth it! I'm happy that I got to sample this line and find the acne serum! Luminance Skincare is hosting a giveaway! There are three prizes:

1st Place: $150 credit to use on the Lumiance Skincare website 
2nd Place: $100 credit to use on the Lumiance Skincare website 
3rd Place: $50 credit to use on the Lumiance Skincare website 

To enter please follow the steps of the Rafflecopter widget below!
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*indicates PR sample

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