Blissoma Holistic Organic Skincare Review

Oh Blissoma, the line that I've been lusting for ever since I switched to natural & organic cosmetics. This skincare line is made with top-quality ingredients, is certified vegan, raw, and organic whenever possible. Their products are packed with organic botanicals, bioavailable vitamins, essential fatty acids, and skin-soothing seed oils. Even Julie herself, the creator of Blissoma is formally educated in art and chemistry and has more than 10 years experience working with herbs and essential oils. Seriously, it can't get any better than this! I was thrilled when Julie agreed to send me some samples for review. I quickly fell in love with her products and am proud to say the Nuciya is the first online Canadian retailer for Blissoma! Here is a review of some of my favorite products from Blissoma:

Fresh Mild Rice Cleanser:
This is the cleanser that I've had my eye on ever since I went natural.  Made with organic whole brown rice flour, willowbark, and oils of Apricot Kernal, Hemp, and Sunflower this is the perfect cleanser for all skin types. It's unique ingredients make this cleanser suitable for acne prone skin, dry skin, normal skin, and even oily skin. The brown rice gently exfoliates the skin to remove dirt while the willowbark dissolves dead skin cells and helps to prevent bacteria build up. I have sensitive, dry, and acne-prone skin and my skin adores this cleanser! It is gentle enough to not irritate my skin but still has effective ingredients to help treat acne. Whenever I use this cleanser my skin is left cleansed, hydrated, and refreshed. As expected, this cleanser did not disappoint and is quickly becoming a favorite. 

Bright Eye Vitalizing Nutrient Serum: 
I'm always on the hunt for a good eye serum that will help to decrease under-eye puffiness and dark circles...then came Blissoma! Made with organic herbs, vitamins, omega fatty acid rich oils, aloe and skin-activated Vitamin C this serum brings life back to the eye area while leaving the skin smooth and supple. The interesting thing about this product is that since the vitamin c is skin-activated you never get more released than your skin actually needs. It also keeps working for hours after application. I tested this product for weeks before I came to a conclusion that it actually worked. While I immediately noticed results I wanted to make sure that my eyes weren't playing tricks on me. For two weeks I only used the product on one eye to notice if there was any difference... and there was! My eye that didn't received the serum had terrible dark under-eye circles and of course puffiness. 

Here is when Blissoma says that you will notice results: 
Results that you can expect immediately: increased comfort in the eye area, decreased puffiness, plumping of fine lines, and last non-greasy hydration. 

Results that you can expect within 1 to 2 weeks: decreased depth of fine lines and wrinkles, improved color of under eye area

So far I am totally head over heels for this brand. Have you tried Blissoma before? What are your thoughts? 

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