The All Natural Face - Eyeliner Gel Pot in "That Black" Review

When I first ventured off into the world of natural and nontoxic makeup I wasn't in the position to be spending a lot of money, especially for items that I have never tried before. Luckily around this time there were Groupons available for The All Natural Face. This was a huge score for me because The All Natural Face is already really inexpensive, having a Groupon just put the icing on the cake. If it wasn't for the positive reviews on youtube I would have never bought anything from TANF because unfortunately their website is of very poor quality. 

One of the items that I bought was their gel eyeliner in "That Black" their blackest eyeliner. When I received this item it had black tape all around the container, I wasn't sure why. When I took off the tape I had black all over my hands! Thank god I wasn't wearing white or anything that could be easily damaged. I was worried that if I threw this eyeliner in my makeup bag it would leak everywhere. Thankfully, it didn't. 

I found this eyeliner very easy to apply and never experienced any problems. The eyeliner on its own does not last all day and will need a little bit of retouching throughout. I found that during the summer months this occurred more. A month after wearing this eyeliner I decided to try spraying The All Natural Face - Fix It finishing mist on my makeup brush. This helped tremendously with helping the product last longer. In a few months the pot did dry up which was expected because it does not come in an air tight container. Fortunately if you just wet your makeup brush with water before dipping it onto the pot, you won't experience any problems. 

Despite this products minor flaws I think that this is a great inexpensive (only $4.75!!!) eyeliner for basic everyday wear or for those just starting to wear makeup. I will buy this product again due to its price.

Have you tried TANF Gel Eyeliner before? What are your thoughts? What is your favorite all natural eyeliner?  


  1. Great review! I'm just getting into liner and love Gabriel's. No smudging or transfer. Will keep this in mind though xo

  2. Thank you! I'll have to keep that in mind! Gabriel is a brand that I can easily find in my city.