December Empties

Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Mouthwash: 
So far this is my favorite all natural mouthwash as it contains no alcohol,  so you don't get that awful "burning" feeling. The use of tea tree oil allows it to be very effective yet gentle. I like this one so much that I've already went out and got another. Best part is that it only costs $4.22 on Vitacost. 

The Body Deli Cucumber Juice Elixir:
This is a wonderful toner, during the summer it was one of my favorite products because it is so refreshing as it needs to be refrigerated. The Body Deli remains to be one of my favorite brands for skincare, checkout my full review here.

Say Yes to Tomatoes Acne Spot Stick:
This was the first natural treatment that I tried for acne. I bought this in June and it lasted me all the way until December with continuous use. That's a huge plus for me because I really don't like having to replace a product often. This product is 97% natural  that uses tomatoes, salicylic acid, bisabolol, and ginger to treat blemishes. At first, this was best spot treatment that I used. My blemishes would start to disappear within a day of using this spot treatment. Overall the healing time was significantly less. However, as the months went by this became less effective for me. I don't know if switching from summer to winter would have made a difference but I think that I will try this product again during the summer and see how effective it is. Overall, I do think that this is a fairly good spot treatment as it did work very well in the beginning.

Geisha Ink Mineral Loose Foundation:
I've mentioned before that this is my favorite foundation powder. Before using this product I did not like powder foundation and only used liquid. This stuff gives me such excellent coverage and even works with my dry skin in the middle of winter. I usually wear this foundation everyday. However, depending on how my skin is certain days I may switch back to The All Natural Face liquid or cream foundation. I think it's great having different options around. I highly recommend the Geisha Ink foundation. Click here to see my short original review. Next I am going to try the Lily LoLo Mineral foundation, I've heard such great things about it!

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