Just Natural Hair and Skin Products Review

Just Natural is a new brand to me so I'm so excited to write this review! They kindly contacted me a few months ago and asked if I wanted to review some of their products. Right away I was so impressed by the extensive list of products on their website. They have products for EVERYONE. They have hair care products for all types of hair including African hair. They also have products for all skin types including acne, anti-aging, and  psoriasis. It was so hard for me to narrow down what products to try but here's what I picked: 

Just Natural Leave-In Conditioner: I'm always on the hunt for a leave-in conditioner. Sometimes I like using multiple leave-in conditioners including a spray and a cream. For only $26.99 you get this huge tub (16 fl oz.) of product. I do find this a bit heavy for my hair currently as we are in the summer months but this does come in handy when my hair is being stubborn. I can see myself getting tons of use out of this during the winter months and even using this as a hair mask! Next I am going to try their spray detangler.

Just Natural Heat Protecting Hair Treatment: Ever since I went back to my roots and dyed my hair brunette, I've been loving to blow dry it straight instead of leaving it naturally curly. I've have since been on the hunt for a light weight, natural leave in-conditioner. This has been the answer! Another good sized product (8 oz) for $26.99

Just Natural Manuka Acne Treatment: I LOVE this product! It contains key ingredients such as manuka oil, tea tree oil, basil essential oil, jojoba oil, and karanja oil. Full list of ingredients here. Since manuka oil is the base for this treatment it is very heavy and doesn't absorb too fast. I use this after toning at night and I wake up with refreshed, bright, and clearer skin. I will definitely be repurchasing this as soon as I use up this bottle. With that being said, I am always very generous when applying this product and I still have a ton left!

Just Natural Acne Spot Treatment: This spot treatment is also such a beautiful product. It is highly concentrated with a gorgeous blend of oils to help heal acne spots quicker. I also find this spot treatment to be a bit on the heavier side so I use this at night. The combination of this and the acne treatment make a huge difference in the overall appearance of my skin!

Acne Facial Day Cream (sample): I've been using this face cream during the day (of course) and it has been lightweight and fast absorbing! While this was a nice product to use during the summer, I don't think that it would have enough moisture for my dry skin during the winter months.

I am beyond impressed with this brand and I already know that I will be purchasing some new products with them. The price range and size of products are all fantastic. I love how they have something for everyone!

Have you tried Just Naturals before? What are your thoughts on this brand? 

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