Laurel Whole Plant Organics: Travel Set Review

Laurel Whole Plant Organics is one of my favorite skincare lines. From the formulations to the beautiful packaging this whole skincare line just screams luxury. I'm a huge fan of travel sets, as it's not only great for travelling but also for testing out a new skincare line. Travel sets give you plenty of time to make sure that the products are working for you. The Laurel Travel Sets lasts approx 3-4 months and retails for $68. Each travel set comes with a cleanser, elixir, serum, facial exfoliant, and lip balm (love!). I ended up trying the Gentle Travel Set but ended up swapping out the Anti-Inflammatory Serum for the Balance Serum.

Normal/Dry Cleanser (30ml): This might just be one of my favorite items included in this travel set. My skin just adored this cleanser! It is lightweight, moisturizing, and best of all it removes ALL of my makeup. I found myself looking forward to using this cleanser day and night. The light scent seemed to always put me in a good mood, I couldn't get enough of it! It is very rare that I can find a light, creamy cleanser that packs a punch (aka: cleans my skin & removes my makeup, including eye makeup!). I look forward to purchasing the full size bottle of this and adding it to my daily skincare regime.

Normal/Mature Elixir (30ml): Toning will always be my favorite part of any skincare regime. It's not only the most important (restores your skins pH level & closes your pores) but it is so refreshing. To me a good toner must remove excess dirt/makeup from my skin and add a bit more hydration..thankfully this is exactly what this elixir does. I love that this elixir is non-alcoholic and therefore non-drying. It also contains beautiful yet beneficial ingredients such as Rose Geranium, Rose hydrosols, Witch Hazel, and Calendula - ingredients used to sooth, tighten and heal skin.

Balance Serum (10ml): I decided to trade in the Anti-Inflammatory Serum for the Balance Serum because I was testing out this travel set during the summer. During the summer months I tend to get oily around the dreaded t-zone area so I opted for the balance serum. With a base of jojoba oil this serum is perfect for oily, combination, and break-out prone skin. I love that only 1-2 drops of this serum goes a long way - making this luxurious facial serum more cost effective.

Almond Grain Exfoliant (10ml): I love this exfoliant as it isn't too harsh for my sensitive skin yet effectively removes dead skin cells. This exfoliant contains excellent ingredients such as oats, chamomile, nettle, and rose essential oil - making this perfect for all skin types. The sample included in this travel kit is enough for 2 uses.

Lavender Lip Treatment (5ml): This is by far my favorite lip balm of all time (I don't mean to sound cheesy when I say this!) Its buttery, nourishing, and soothing to the lips. A little goes a very long way, in fact I still have this sample but plan to buy a full size jar once I run out. This is definitely going to be a life safer for my lips this winter!

All in all I think that this is a fantastic value for $68. A luxury travel set that lasts 3-4 months is perfect for anyone looking to test out a new skincare line. With Christmas just around the corner (yikes!) these beautiful products come neatly packages in a gorgeous cotton Laurel bag. I can definitely see myself gifting this set to a few people this year!

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