Caru Skincare Review

I'll be honest, the first thing to draw me towards this brand was its beautiful and unique packaging. After a little browsing, I knew that this line was a must try! Caru Skincare is a small NYC based company that handcrafts their products in small batches. Their ingredients are simple, pure, organic and fresh. What I really like the most about this company is that their packaging is sustainable and they even tell you how it's made here. Their paper is 100% post-recycled seed paper that is biodegradable. They also use soy and water based inks. How fabulous does that sound?!

After learning more about the Caru Skincare brand I contacted them for samples to review on my blog and for wholesale consideration at Nuciya. Here's what they sent me:

Activated Charcoal Dead Sea Salt Face +  Body Soap: 
A vegan soap that detoxifies the skin with activated charcoal. Activated charcoal helps to draw out any impurities in the skin. Dead sea salt nourishes the skin while the tea tree and neem oils help to kill bacteria. I personally love this soap as I have acne prone skin. I find that it helps calm my acne without being too harsh. I also love that the dead sea salt gently exfoliates the skin!

Ingredients: Olea Europaea (olive) oil*, Cocos nuciferas (coconut) oil*, Reverse osmosis water, Elaeis guineensis (sustainable palm) oil*, Theobroma cacao (cocoa) butter*, Azadirachta indica (neem) oil*, Activated charcoal, Dead sea salt, Tea Tree essential oil*, Essential oil blend*

Cucumber + Lime Facial Toner: 
This alcohol and preservative free toner restores your skin's PH after cleansing. The cucumber gently soothes and calms the skin while the lime cleanses and clarifies. This toner smells exactly like cumber and lime! I find this toner so refreshing especially during the summer months. I love to spray it on throughout the day, especially if it's one of those really warm summer days.

Ingredients: Cucumber Hydrosol*, Lime Hydrosol*, Hydrosol Blend* *organic

Immortelle Serum:
Immortelle is made with blue chamomile, cypress, grapeseed, and hempseed to deeply nourish your skin. I found this oil to be fast absorbing and to help normalize my natural skin oils as I can be oily in some areas and dry in others. This serum is perfect for those with oily or blemish prone skin. I think that using this with the activated charcoal soap will really help to keep acne away!

Ingredients: Jojoba oil*, Pomegranate oil, Grapeseed oil*, Hempseed oil*, Immortelle essential oil*, Blue chamomile essential oil*, cypress essential oil*, essential oil blend*
*certified organic ::

So far I am very impressed with the Caru Skincare line. I love it's use of simple but nourishing ingredients and also their sustainable packaging. I am strongly considering this line to add to Nuciya! 
Have you tried Caru Skincare before? What are your thoughts?

Update: Psst! Caru Skincare is now available at Nuciya! I couldn't resist, I loved this line too much. Shop now at!

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