Au Naturale Beach Bombshell Box Review

Au Naturale popped onto my radar when they kindly asked me if I wanted to review their Beach Bombshell collection. As this brand is new to me, I jumped at the opportunity! Their Beach Bombshell Box was created with supermodel and Spots Illustrated model Julie Henderson. Julie Henderson has hand picked all the colors in this collection to create a perfect, natural look for summer.

This collection comes in three different boxes to suit all skin shades - light, medium, and deep. I received the collection in light. All of Au Naturale's products are are cruelty-free, nontoxic, hyoallergenic, and made with organic ingredients. Included in the light box is (pictured left to right) : 

Natural Lip Gloss in Flirt 

Organic Creme Bronzer Stick

Organic Creme Highlighting Stick 
Organic Cream Eye Shadow in Palma 
Organic Lipstick in Innocence 
Organic Creme Concealer in Beige 

Natural Lip Gloss in Flirt: I was pleasantly surprised with this gloss. In the tube, this gloss looks bold and daring. However, once you put it on it adds just the right amount of color which is neither too bold nor too light. I really like this color because I feel that it finishes off the whole look and is a universally flattering color. 

Organic Creme Bronzer Stick: I personally find that makeup in a stick form is a bit harder to work with. So for an everyday look I still like to use a makeup brush to pick up & apply the color while using a beauty sponge to blend it out. At first glance this bronzer looks far too dark for light skin. However, the formula of this bronzer is so easy to work with that it can be applied lightly for a sun-kissed glow or added in layers to work as a great contour. 

Organic Creme Highlighting Stick: Lately, I've been loving highlighters that have more of a pink/peach undertone which is exactly what this has! I find that pink undertones work so well for a highlight on the cheek bone. It creates a healthy glow without looking too white or false. 

Organic Creme Eyeshadow in Palma: This summer I've been loving a bronzed look for the eyes. This is really a fabulous color that can be used all over the lid or in the eye crease for a contour. Just a note when using this product, make sure that you don't use any concealer underneath as the color will be harder to apply. Instead lightly dab some finishing powder once the product is applied to set your look. 

Organic Lipstick in Innocence (pictured above, first photo): A beautiful light, sheer pink that is easy to wear everyday. However, it doesn't last as long as I would like. Probably only about 1-2 hours. 

Organic Creme Concealer in Beige: At first I thought that this concealer would be too light for me. However, it ended up blending into my skin perfectly. I use this to cover blemishes and it creates a seamless look. So far, I love it!

Organic Lipstick in Cora (pictured in 2nd photo): Not included in the Beach Bombshell collection. However, this lipstick was also sent to me for review. Like the other lipstick, this is a very sheer light coral shade that is easy to wear on a day-to-day basis. 

Overall I think that the Beach Bombshell collection is a fantastic deal. For $98 you get 6 products (regularly priced at $187). The collection does do what it was set out to do - create a natural, easy, summer look. I do however find stick formulas a bit harder to work with, so I wouldn't recommend this kit for beginners. Also, personally I like a bit more color pay off. However, if the collection did have more color pay off it wouldn't create the look that it was made for. I would like to try more of Au Naturale's products to see how they compare!

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