Mekar Bioactive Skincare Review: Part 2

Exactly a month ago today, I wrote a review on the Canadian skincare company Mekar. I am still loving the Velvet Cleanser (only a quarter of the product is gone after almost 2 months of continued use!) and the Cleansing Tonic Water.

Mekar contacted me and asked me if I wanted to try out some more of their products that may be more suitable for my sensitive yet acne prone skin. I gladly accepted because I was happy with how their products performed previously.

Here is what they sent me:

Pureness Scrub: The Pureness Scrub is 99% natural with 14% organic ingredients. It has a unique combination of bamboo stem extract, neroli, and aloe vera which gently remove dead skin cells. I usually have a problem finding a good exfoliant because of my sensitive skin. Either it is too harsh, or way to gentle - to the point where it doesn't feel like an effective exfoliation.  This however, is exactly what I've been looking for! I used to love the Mary Kay Microdermabrasion Set because I always felt like it effectively removed my dead skin cells and helped with my acne scarring. Since I wen't 'natural' I haven't been able to find a good exfoliator since. The Mekar Pureness Scrub exfoliates just as well as the Mary Kay Microdermabrasion but it feels a million times better because of its natural and soothing ingredients. This product is a must have for me and definite repurchase!

Radiance Light Cream:  The Radiance Light Cream is also 99% natural with 23% organic ingredients. It is a light weight moisturizer that uses vitamin E and  Moringa butter to give the skin an instant glow. I found this moisturizer to be fast absorbing without any greasy residue.  With the weather starting to warm up this was an effective day cream for my skin. It gave moisture to my skin and balanced the oils in my t-zone. I don't think that this cream would be suitable for my dry/combination skin during the winter and it does not provide enough moisture overnight. I think that those of you who have oily/combination skin would enjoy this cream as it does not leave any greasy residue and will help balance the oils on your skin. Since I do enjoy using this product, I hope that Mekar will develop a richer moisturizer for those of us that suffer from dry skin.

I am very happy with Mekar products. Some of their products work wonderfully for me and some do not. I will be repurchasing the pureness scrub as soon as I run out because I think that it is the absolute best. I think that Mekar makes excellent products, my only hope is that in the future they will develop more products that suit different types of skin.

What are your thoughts on Mekar Bioactive Skincare? Would this be a product that you would want to try out? 

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