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I was tagged by the beautiful Liz over at Well Meaning Being for the "Going Green Tag". The "Going Green Tag" is a get to know me series of questions and answers started by Rachel at All Natural Aspirations. It gives readers/viewers some insight as to why us bloggers or youtubers decided to switch to green products. It's a fun way to bring together people with similar interests.

Now, lets get started!

What started it all off for you?
Early 2013 I watched a documentary called Chemerical. It left an impression on me, however I didn’t think about “going green” until I saw iluvjesse’s youtube channel. There I learned that switching to safer products isn’t hard and can actually be a lot of fun.

What was the first thing to go (ingredient or product)?
The first ingredient that I got rid of was parabens. I had heard the most about this ingredient and decided to let it go. For products I knew that I wanted to switch my foundation right away because it is something that I used on a daily basis. I thought that maybe all the chemicals that I was putting on my face was contributing to acne (it was to an extent).

What are you/did you struggle to let go off?
I still struggle with mascara. It has been a hard to find a product that doesn't dry out fast or clump. I also found that the hardest ingredient to get rid of is synthetic fragrance. It is probably the worst ingredient too.

What has been your best find or change (i.e a green product or a tip that you are really glad you've found)?
There are so many amazing products out there. I am constantly wanting to buy everything and try every new product. I think that I would have to say that The Body Deli has been my best find. I am in love with their products. Raw and organic skincare? Yes please!

What has been the worst thing about going green (what has been the hardest transition or find an adequate replacement of)?
I find that shampoos and conditions are the hardest part. Although my hair is a lot healthier, I find that finding the right shampoo and condition is difficult. This is especially true for my long, thick, naturally curly/wavy hair.

Deodorant has also been a difficult one. Although I have found one that works for me I lived through a few months of having smelly underarms (gross!)

Anything else to add (a tip or trick to pass on):
The best thing that you can do before going green is to get as much information as you can. Go on youtube and visit blogs. Find out what ingredients are good/bad and learn what the popular brands are, so that you won’t be disappointed when you make your first purchase. It is a lot easier to shop online at first. This way you can check ingredients easily by copying and pasting them into Cosmetic Database. Sometimes the ingredient may sound harmful when it isn’t at all.

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  1. Great answers, agree with you that switching to more natural products can be a lot of fun :-)

    1. It is for sure, it is like a hobby now. At first I went so crazy and bought anything that I could find in stores!

  2. I agree with you on the deodorant...its so difficult trying new ones because you don't want to stink haha! It definitely is a lot of fun though :)

    1. It really is, before switching I actually thought that I didn't have stinky underarms!